Research frustrations

[By: Linda]

After the first two posts written by Saya and Aude, I will share one of the challenges from my first year as a PhD student.

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Inside the first training school of MOTION

[By: Aude Carteron]

After Saya’s thrilling first post (I strongly advise you to catch up here if you haven’t read it), get on board with me, Aude, born and raised in France.  Apart from cheese and croissants, I was fed with an academic blend of Biology, Math, Engineering and Cognitive science, before starting this wonderful adventure in the MOTION project.


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What is MOTION – Who are we?

[By: Sayaka Kidby]

There were two groups of American infants. A native Chinese speaker spoke to the first group in person and spoke to the second group via a TV screen. Then Psychologists tested the babies’ understanding of Chinese phonetics – and the result was fascinating.

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Motion Kick Off

On Tuesday 27 February 2018 all partners of MOTION came together to kick off the project at the Sheraton at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The objective of this meeting was to refresh and go through the implementation of an ITN, such as financial management, reporting, recruitment, dissemination activities etc.

After a short (re)introduction, we started planning the project structure, recruitment, deliverables and exchanged information to kick start the MOTION project.

We are looking forward to the years to come and the scientific output of this joint collaboration!