In lullabies, all magic flows

[By: Aude Carteron]

Infant-directed song (the academic word for lullaby), is a common way to soothe, calm or put babies to sleep. It is found universally across cultures [1].

Babies are little Beethoven-to-be, born with remarkable music perception abilities. A study [2] with neonates revealed that the latter can detect the regularity of beats: recording of their brain activity showed that a particular brain signal was elicited at the time when downbeats were missing.

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How to make a fussy eater (or not)

[By: Aude Carteron]

Do you also find yourself surprised when meeting someone who hates tomatoes or chocolate, and then shrug it off with a ‘well, that’s rare but there’s no accounting for taste’? Some weeks ago I decided to put on an apron and… use my favourite search engine to figure out ‘What makes us like… what we like’, and how it sheds light on why some parenting advice works better than other.

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Inside the first training school of MOTION

[By: Aude Carteron]

After Saya’s thrilling first post (I strongly advise you to catch up here if you haven’t read it), get on board with me, Aude, born and raised in France.  Apart from cheese and croissants, I was fed with an academic blend of Biology, Math, Engineering and Cognitive science, before starting this wonderful adventure in the MOTION project.


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